Truth on Tuesdays

Rule #1: Don’t Give Up

My husband consistantly asks the youth at church, ‘What is rule #1 of being a Christian?’

The simple answer: Don’t. Give. Up.

No matter what.  No matter who.  No matter where.  No matter why or how.

Just don’t give up.

I know what it’s like to be tired.  I’ve let words like failure and defeated describe me.  I’ve  felt like I have no idea how I can fight the same battle even one more second, especially if the outcome is just going to be another failure to add to that list of faults I keep against myself.  I’ve wanted to just curl up and give up.  Stop trying.  Stop caring.  Stop loving.  Stop fighting.  Just stop.

In my experience…the pain of giving up has actually been worse than the pain of getting back up.  In my experience when I’ve given up it’s meant I’ve given up on God’s promises and plans.  It’s meant disobedience on my part thus creating distance between myself and my ever loving Father.

But when I’ve chosen to get back up…when I’ve looked up to heaven and proclaimed that the only strength I have left is that which the Lord can give to me in that moment, something powerful has stirred up within me.  Something that I know is not of myself because I had exhausted myself completly.  And those moments of weakness, where relying on God was the only way of getting back up, have proven much easier than any moment that I allowed myself to stay defeated.  

My prayer in this moment is that anyone reading this…at the edge of giving up…whatever that looks like in your life…in whatever situation…that God would stir within you a strength that can only come from faith in our great God.  A strength to get you back up on your feet…to build your faith all the more, to be able to walk through this season, not defeated but victorious.

God wants to help you.  Will you let Him?  Will you trust Him?

“The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.”

Psalm 28:7 NIV


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