Sometimes I'm Creative


I am the unfaithful one…

I can take my eyes off You, I can distance myself from You

but You, oh God, do not move.

I’m the one who keeps moving.

Who keeps dancing with these distractions…


I’m. Unfaithful. To. You.

Forgive me, for looking for myself in places other than You,


You are the one who MADE me,

You see who I was created to be…who I will be.

Why do I think I will find myself anywhere else?

And its in those searching hours and days,

when I KNOW in my very soul

that all I can find, outside of You, is a counterfeit of who I really am.

And it even FEELS temporary.

So You lovingly pull me back and set my path straight again,

&& that temporary feeling melts away.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Father,

No matter where I try to hide, You always find me.

No matter where I want to run, You always grab me and bring me back.

Even in my limited understanding of the words, I will always say:

I love you, I love you, I love you ❤


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