See, I'm Real

The Beginnings of a Restoration

God has given my husband and I a huge burdon in our hearts for children who are ‘fatherless’…that need a safe home, love, stability, and a healing that only comes straight from Jesus’ heart.  We’ve been married for some MONTHS now, not even a whole entire year yet but we’ve had discussions that eventually we would love to open our home and our lives up to kids who have encountered great injustice.  And when I say eventually I mean we were talking some years…you know be young married people without responsibilities for a bit before diving into all that.  Well God decided to fast-track that a bit…like turn those years into weeks.

Now, when we had those discussions we never thought it would be family. It was always just the children the world forgot…no faces…no names.  Several months ago we received a name and a way too familiar face.  I had held him when he was a baby, watched him open Christmas gifts, taken him to the county fair, eaten pizza with him, and watched his love for Spiderman grow the older he got.  I knew home was not an ideal place…but it turned out to be worse than you’d want to think.

Extraction I think is what they called it…a phone call, then a court hearing that exposed too much injustice.

Fast forward several months to a couple weeks ago.  At the initial hearing another family member selflessly offered her home to this boy (and we are so appreciative of her for this.)  He was staying there when talk of moving him again began circulating.  Chris and I had the hard conversations again and decided we would tell God that we are here for Him to use in this situation.  Let me tell you…God gave us such peace that I have never experienced before about something that should have terrified us.  We had suspicions of how we would be used but nothing was absolute…nothing was certain.  And we just knew that no matter what God was moving everyone where they needed to be and that everything would work out.  So we waited.

Another phone call…another emergency hearing.

Two days before school started Chris and I took a seven year boy home with us.  We are currently a week and a couple days into this temporary engagement but we are so committed to do everything we need to for this special kiddo.  Even if it’s just for a season this child will know love and stability and Jesus while he is with us. This is already really hard… we’ve had good days and we’ve had bad days but no matter what kind of day it is God is the one who is sustaining my husband and I through this.  He is orchestrating a RESTORATION of a child he loves so deeply and we are so lucky that God is letting us be a part of this transformation. Because of God we have hope on the bad days that restoration will come.


This is my nephew.
His name is John.
He is in 2nd grade and he IS Spiderman 🙂
He loves animals and is great helper.
He is thoughtful and knows almost every word to the movie Frozen.
He is a child of God.

Thanks so much to our families and friends who are so supportive with kind words and prayers and just being so helpful.  Say a prayer for this little soldier tonight!  He sure is a trooper.

I want to publically say thanks to my husband who supported this from day 1.  He is a great and godly man.  No matter how many times I feel guilty because this is ‘my family’ that’s making all this happen he reminds me I am his family so my family is his.  My heart is overwhelmed by the love and support he’s shown through this and I thank God for him everyday.


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