Let God Use You

Fun story.

Recently (like within this last month recently) I’ve been happening upon a lot of Corrie Ten Boom quotes and it’s been making me fill up with desire to read The Hiding Place again.  Becaaaaaaause it is a remarkable story (like so many others stories from this dark time). Welllllll I was at my mom’s this past weekend (helping her with this garage sale project) and she told me to look through the books she had set out to see if I wanted any of them.  Wouldn’t ya know it, right on top of the first stack I wondered over to was a yellowing, paperback copy of….THE HIDING PLACE.  I’m going to state the obvious here: God wants me to read this book again.   Even MORE interesting is that I’m not even finished with chapter one when He speaks to me through this remarkable woman’s wisdom.


God. Is. Cool.


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