Security Blankets

“If I find in myself desires nothing in this world can satisfy, I can only conclude that I was not made for here” -CS Lewis

Friends, I have a confession. I look to other people in my life for fulfillment, for affirmation, for acceptance, and for love.

Go ahead, raise up your hands if this confession applies to you too. *patiently waits for show of hands*. I thought so. If not now, at some point most of us have been there, looking to things or people in this world to affirm us.

I read something inspired recently and I wanted to share the main idea with ya’ll because I found it the most helpful in my own struggle with this.

Why do we have such strong needs to be loved, to be accepted, to be valued by someone?

Because God put that need inside of us. He programmed all of his children with a need for something deeper, something….not of this world. Now, I know that I’d heard all of that before, it’s the reason people turn to alcohol or turn to drugs or turn to all kinds of things that aren’t God, right? But for some reason I’d never put the idea of this insatiable need and my unhealthy, unbalanced relationships together before. God gave us that NEED, that overwhelming DESIRE for relationship because of the relationship he wanted us to have with HIM! So we would seek HIM above all else! When I FINALLY realized this, my poor little human mind was literally blown almost out my head. I’ve totally been restricting God. I’ve been relying on people to make me feel secure, to pretty much fill God’s shoes right?! How crazy is it to think that I’ve been trying to use people to bring me a security that ONLY God can provide because he’s the one who put that need for it to be provided for inside me! (Stay with me, I know that got a little messy soundin).

When you really meditate on the whole “this world and it’s desires will pass away” (1 John 2:17) thing, you can see that looking to relationships in this world for security and hope will not give you comfort. But looking to the God who created all of it, who is timeless, who remains constant through the ages and even unto the end of the earth WILL give you the greatest peace.
God wants to be the one that I immerse myself in, that I cling to, that I turn to. He wants to quell my insecurities so that I can be the closest ever to his heart.

God NEEDS to be the ultimate relationship in our lives. The first, the most important. Not that we shouldn’t have relationships with other people, or that we shouldn’t build each other up or help each other, that’s absolutely important (and commanded of us…) too, but those relationships should never be more important to us than our relationship with our Father.

Give me the strength, especially during this season, to seek YOU when I need to feel loved, when I feel rejected, when I feel lonely, when I’m discouraged, or when I feel insecure. Only you can satisfy my needs and give me the peace and happiness and joy you promised all of your children. You created me, and you alone know EXACTLY what I need, when I need it.
Thank you so much for loving me and being the most patient with me.
In Jesus name,

“Let part of your testimony be the stuff you’re still dealing with, not just what you’ve overcome”. -Joyce Meyer

Give that Brandon Heath song ‘Your Love’ a listen. “All I ever needed was your love”. There’s all kinds of truth in that!

Be encouraged through the rest of your week! Remember, the flippin CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE loves YOU and wants to have this crazy, awesome, beautiful, out of this WORLD, TIMELESS relationship with YOU! And that just makes my heart the most happy to think about 🙂

❤ kim


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