My Perfect Story

“What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be.” -unknown

Consider the following a type of warning: I’ve been thinking about a lot of ‘life-things’ lately (to be perfectly vague) and when I think like this it’s hard for me to separate my thoughts into neat little piles that make any kind of sense. My brain is such a tangly mess BUT I saw this quote earlier and for a brief moment I had a bit of my brain untangle. Unfortunately betwixt then and now my brain has reformed its tangle so this might jump around a bit…

This is something I feel like so many people struggle with whether they are conscious of it or not, and like most problems the seed is planted when you’re a kid. Seriously, all of those cute, fun Disney movies you watched for hours kinda warped your brain to reality a bit. (DO NOT take this as a Disney-bash because I am, still to this day, a HUGE watcher of those Disney movies). The idea of being a beautiful princess (with bangin hair) and having a perfectly handsome (seriously some of those cartoon characters are pretttty appealing to my eyeballs), SINGING, prince charming-type falling madly, deeply in love with you at first sight and then RESCUING you was slowing absorbed in to your little head and you decided that is how love is supposed to be. And that is just one example (and yes obviously I stole that example from my personal experience). Then you get a little older and you start watching even more movies and listening to music and watching TV shows and hearing about how outrageous celebrities live and all of the sudden you have even more ideas of how you think your life should be. (And do not even get me started on Pinterest. Yes I am addicted and YES I think it’s actually kinda horrible for you.) You can pick and chose the ideas that you think would make your life the ‘most-perfect-life-ever’ but the PROBLEM is when you start avidly comparing those perfect ideas to your actual life. As we all know, actual life is NOT always gonna go exactly how you might think it should go, and that’s distressing enough sometimes without adding the discouragement of thinking your life isn’t measuring up to this idea of perfect you had picked out for yourself.
Sometimes seemingly bad things happen but don’t even worry, there is HOPE in all of it and this is where I got inspired.

The only way to break this kind of thinking is to trust God. Really. Oh and APPRECIATE the life that you have and the people you share it with!!!! I cannot use enough exclamation marks on that one! And that’s where all this really hits me. When you spend your time wishing your life were different you miss so much of what’s right in front of you, and then one day you realize you spent wayyy too much of your life inside your head. Trust me, it may not seem like it but once you start actively appreciating what you have and how much it actually means to you, you’ll have the most wonderful epiphany. You’ll discover that you actually have exactly what you need even if it might not be in the way you always thought it would be. And THAT is how God creatively takes care of us. ❤

Things have most certainly not always gone the way I wanted them to in my life and there are so many things that account for all of that; HOWEVER, the only way I’ll ever have peace and joy about any of it is if I learn to trust that the story that God has written for me is so much better and so much more perfect for ME than anything I could ever read or see anywhere else, cuz that story has been written just for me and I fit perfectly inside of it.


2 thoughts on “My Perfect Story

  1. Wow. I posted about this yesterday 🙂 And you are so right – the only way to truly be satisfied with life the way it is is to trust God every step of the way. He is a much better writer than we will ever be 😉

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