See, I'm Real


I wrote this about this exact time last year:

“So. Wal-Mart is playing Christmas music. SQUEEEEELLLLL!!! This just puts me in the best of moods. Even though I do have to tackle this Ethics paper at some point on this night I wanted to linger on the wonderful Christmas feelings I had a little longer. Siiiiiigggghhhhh. Happiness 😀

I know I was wondering around the Wal-Mart in a dreamy haze with a terrific grin plastered on my dazed face.

I followed the incredibly pleasant cinnamon smell I discovered while looking at floor heaters (I desperately need to heat my apartment…) and found Christmas land (!!!!) which was filled with all kinds magical Christmas-ey things.

That was the most pleasant of all Wal-Mart ventures I have ever had. 
It was even MORE pleasant because I didn’t have a homeless looking mother swinging her dirty smelly screaming child my direction as it wails that it hates her.
Such is Springfield life….

Back to reading these delightful articles about capital punishment….”

It’s crazy to me how vividly I remember this night and how wonderful I felt.  I listened to my Frank Sinatra Christmas station all night while homeworking.  It’s amazing to me how excited I can get just closing my eyes and thinking Christmas-y thing.  I can’t even compare it to being excited about anything else….because it’s its own unique type of feeling, which makes it even more wonderful.  I’ve really been trying to hold back on my Christmas urges until at least Thanksgiving is over (I have this new appreciation for Thanksgiving this year.  I have so much in my life to thank God for and seeing the people I love is more important to me than ever).  I already cheated and walked through Christmas land at the Wal-Mart yesterday…and listened to a couple Christmas songs a few weeks ago…and daydreamed about my Christmas Tree…

Maybe I’m not doing as good a job as I thought I was…

ALSO!  This adorable guy is BACK at the Build-a-Bear!!!


And I swear somehow he will be mine this year!  (Last year I went to get him the day after Christmas and they had ALREADY taken him off the shelf!  Needless to say I was the most devastated).

In close I will insert a photo of my tree from last year.  I’m kinda really overly proud of it, being it was my first tree I decorated and planned all on my own!

Happy Christmas-ing to everyone!  I know the excitement is starting to get inside everyone 🙂



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