There are fewer…

There are fewer things more awkward to me than either filling out those “about me” sections on profiles or deciding how to begin your first post on a new site.  Eww and those dumb get to know each other activities teachers think are awesome for the first day of class.  I’m sorry, but I have never felt like I knew any of my classmates better after participating in that nonsense.  Anyways I will use this post to introduce myself to the few people who may stumble on this site (purely by accident) and decide to skim my ramblings.  I’ll start with the basics:

The name is Kim. Kimberly for those who have no idea that Kim is short for Kimberly (which I find shocking that I’ve actually been asked.  I thought that was somewhat common knowledge buuuut i can see how the world of name abbreviations can be totally confusing.  Like Dick means Richard???  Seriously, I will never understand that one).  I am 23 years old which I feel is a strange age-a point I might elaborate on at a later time.  I am currently inside my very first semester at Lee University, which I have decided is one of the most wonderful places on this Earth. I find reading, music, Alice in Wonderland, sunshine, yoga, The Beatles, The Office, and playing Lego Batman quite an enjoyable group of things.  I think darkness, spiders, sickness, coldness, Oompa Loompas, and grapefruit are terrible things.  It’s essential that you know that I love Jesus with all my little heart, and that sometimes I think its perfectly ok to say offensive things…not with the intentions of offending others…it’s just that sometimes there really isn’t a better, ‘more intelligent’ word to illustrate exactly how you’re feeling.

I think that’s good for starters.

So I decided to Google the whole Dick being short for Richard thing annnd I learned that the abbreviation has been dated back to the middle ages and that people really don’t have any idea why its used.  Well..there are theories like..the way ‘R’ was pronounced in old English blah blah…I realized I didn’t really care too much about it to read past that.  So there was your…partial fun fact of the day.

Today was really the most terrifically beautiful Autumn day.  I’m always really emotional when it starts to reallllly feel like Autumn. After a little reflection I’ve decided that I just love it so much my emotions can’t control the sudden overpopulation of themselves inside me so they get stir crazy. Plus, I have the best memories associated with this weather.  Football games, bonfires, school starting (yes I am the nerdiest thing, I always LOVED the first days of school. Until my senior year of high school the night before the first day of school felt like how most children are the night before Christmas), loooong walks, crunchy leaves, muh BIRTHDAY, hoodys, tights, PUMPKINS…and I always start getting excited for Christmas (too early? I say NAY! It’s never too early to be excited for Christmas. What about Thanksgiving?  Eh…call me unAmerican but I could skip it altogether and feel not at all bad about it.)

The REAL Fun fact:
Thanks to (to whom I am ADDICTED) I discovered that no one really knows the origin of the word AUTUMN but that it is used almost exclusively in British English and can be dated back to the 1300’s. American English prefers the word FALL. Kim English prefers Autumn. I actually like it so much… I’ve just decided to use it to name my future child.

Happy Autumning Friendlies,

“In Autumn when the leaves are brown,
Take pen and ink, and write it down” -Lewis Carroll


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